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Answers to popular questions about stairlifts

For straight steps with no turns or curves, standard pricing for a new stairlift is going to be around $2,999. For turning and curved staircases, a FREE evaluation is required for more accurate pricing. Centerspan offers modular curved rail stairlifts, which can be installed usually within a week; as well as custom curve rail stairlifts which are designed and manufactured specifically for your stairs. Production and turnaround time for custom stairlifts is significantly longer, but is a more affordable option.
Currently, Medicare does not provide funding for stairlifts. Most private insurance companies do not pay for them either unfortunately. In some states, various funding sources may be able to help residents with some or all of the funding. Some long term care insurance policies may provide funding if they understand that a stairlift can be the difference in keeping an aging relative or loved one out of an assisted care or nursing home facility.
Centerspan is proud to offer quality stairlifts from Acorn, Harmar, Handicare, and Brooks. The different configurations include: straight stairlifts, curved stairlifts (modular and custom), and outdoor stairlifts.
Absolutely! Our stairlifts are battery-powered that receive constant charging when not in use. The drive system is a rack and pinion system that cannot move without power being supplied to it. It physically cannot go into a free fall or rocket up the stairs. Swivel seats allow for safe entry and exit at the top and bottom of the stairs. Several sensors on the unit will cause the unit to stop if a foot or an obstruction is in the way of the stairlift's travel.
The stairlift comes to a soft and controlled stop at the top of the stairs, and a latch next to your hand allows you to gently swivel the seat all the way around to the landing at the top of the stairs. Getting up is as safe and easy as standing from a chair.
Yes! Large paddle switches attached to the armrest control the stairlift up or down the stairs. Very little strength is required to operate the switch.
The rail system for the stairlift attached to your steps with a series of screws drilled through the feet of the rail into the stair tread. The result is extremely stable, with a minimum impact on the staircase.
Our professional, factory-certified team will install your stairlift in as little as an hour for simple staircases, to a half a day or so for more complex curved staircases.
For straight stairlifts, the entire process fromorder to completed installation is less than a week. If we have the stairlift you need in stock, as little as a day or two. Modular curved stairlifts can be installed within a week, and custom curved stairlifts take about 4-6 weeks to arrive.

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Whether your stairway is straight, curved, or unconventional in any way, we have the perfect stair lift product for your home.

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Our outdoor stairlifts are rugged and weather-resistant. We will custom design the right solution for any outdoor staircase.

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We have a wide variety of stairlift products perfect for any home. With seating and upholstery options, your new stairlift will compliment your home's decor.