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Acorn Stair Lifts & Stair Chairs in New York!

The Best Acorn Stairlifts in New York, Long Island, & New Jersey

Also known as a stair glide, stair chair, and stair climber, whatever you call it you can rest assured Acorn has one of the most reliable straight rail stairlifts in the industry.

Centerspan has installed over 250 acorn stairlifts and still have not had any major service calls.

Rest assured that you can count on Centerspan Stairlifts for any of your Acorn stairlift repair if you need Acorn Stairlift service.

Centerspan Stairlifts carries a variety of Acorn Stailift parts in stock to help with quick repairs.

Our Acorn stairlifts have up to a 350 lb capacity and have a rack and pinion drive system. The lifts are equipped with two 12v batteries that recharge when not in use. This gives peace of mind that you can still use your stairlift during emergency power outage situations.

Acorn Curved Stairlifts feature an aluminum modular rail design

  • Fits 75% of staircases
  • Avoid the long wait on custom curved stairlifts (custom curve lifts can take up to 8 weeks)
  • Can often be installed within 24 hrs of ordering (depending on scheduling and availability)
  • Up to 266 lb capacity
  • Automatic power hinge rail available for staircases with doors or walkways at the lower landing

Contact us here, or call Centerspan today at 631-482-9423631-482-9423 to schedule a FREE evaluation of your needs, and achieve independence and safety with a new stairlift!

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